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Little Lions Sunday School

Little Lions Sunday School is held each Sunday

during the morning service

All children aged 3-12 years are welcome to attend


The Little Lions moved into the Church Hall in February 2018:












At our launch, in November 2011, 12 children attended, which was a great start. We have been developing this important work with children and getting to know them and their carers over the months and years.


The children follow the same programme of bible stories as the adults which makes it much more interesting when the children report back at the end of the service.



It was lovely to see the new Little Lions banner out for the first time on Whit Sunday in 2012, and they celebrated their first birthday on 18 November 2012.

There is a children's corner for younger children (birth to 3 years) which youngsters and their parents are welcome to explore. The den under the stairs is very popular with bean bags and a kitchen with lots of toy foods. There are also plenty of books and toys for the under- and over-threes.

We have a dedicated group of leaders and helpers who are very friendly and able to answer any questions parents may have.



We have continued using the resources in Roots which follows the weekly readings in Church, although for quite a large part of 2016 we took part in the Jesus Shaped People initiative. The JSP themes were People, Teaching, Team Building, Prayer and Prophetic Challenge. We colour co-ordinated each theme and displayed our work on posters which were shown on the pillars in church. As each child completed the 3 week theme, we gave them badges in the appropriate colour.

A typical session starts with the lighting of our candle, then we practise the song we will be singing the following month.  We listen to the Bible story, have a little chat about its relevance in our lives, pray and tackle a suitable craft.  Our crafts are displayed on the notice board in the children's corner.

Our crafts have included pictures, posters, models, Easter and Mother's Day gifts and food crafts - always popular - to name a few.

We took part in the Whitsuntide Walks and the Palm Sunday service with the donkey. During Lent we collected our spare change for Water Aid and sponsored our donkey, Hannah.

The children take an active part in the services: acting as welcomers, delivering bread and wine, as sidesperson and carrying a small Crucifer.

We entered a Christmas tree for the Festival over the Advent Sunday weekend, and the fourth Nativity Play was staged at 5:00 pm on 18 December 2015 along with the puppets and children from Praise and Play.  As usual there were plenty of angels, stars and shepherds and some catchy tunes to sing along.


To see further photographs of the members of the group Nativity Play, go to the page Nativity


The children placed palm leaves on the cross at the Palm Sunday Service on 20 March.


The Little Lions craft work depicting the journey of Christ from his triumphal ride on a donkey into Jerusalem to his Crucifixion on display in St Mark's church.

We also have a Praise and Play Group for pre-school children on Monday afternoons in the church and church hall in school term time. For details visit the Praise & Play Group page.



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