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There are 16 photo albums.

75 years from VJ Day
We celebrate the end of the second World War


Jesus feeds 5000 people
Jesus feeds 5000 people


Pictures for website
Bible stories


Wheat and weeds
Look in the Gospel today 19th July


The Sower sows the seed
Jesus' parable of the Sower


Rublev's icon
The Holy Trinity


The Holy Spirit comes


Ascension Icon
Jesus' Ascension into heaven


Roots Activity Sheet 17 May 20
Children's activity sheet


Being Church Together, Apart
Please contact us if you need to chat or have a request for prayer.


2018 Christmas Trees
Television Past and Present


Christmas Tree Festival 2017
Entries for the competition


2016 Christmas Trees
"Let me tell you a story...."


2015 Christmas Trees
All trees displayed in church.


2014 Christmas Trees
Selection of Trees


Life at St Mark's
A range of pictures from our church and church activities